Why Team Maula Jatt Is Not Promoting The Film


Pakistani film industry suffered a huge fall down over the years. We have been seeing a huge effort to revive the cinema after Khuda Ke Liye became a success and later Bol and Waar did great among the audience. But most of the films are still not doing great. We have seen Humayun Saeed and Nabeel Qureshi make hit movies but that is about it. Thus making films in Pakistan is not a very lucrative business. Whenever a film is made, mall visits and what not ensue to promote the movie. The Legend of Maula Jatt is next on line to hit the cinemas after years of making the fans wait.

Why Team Maula Jatt Is Not Promoting The Film

The film has been in making since 2016 and fans are dying to see Fawad Khan back on screens alongside Hmaza Ali Abbasi, Mahira Khan and Humaima Malick. Now as the film is coming out on 13th October, team Maula Jatt is still not showing up to venues or dancing out in malls. Their promotion strategy is very subtle and they are only releasing posters and giving small interviews. Humaima shed light on this strategy and why they are not doing aggressive promotions.

Why Team Maula Jatt Is Not Promoting The Film

Humaima said that they cannot go and dance in malls as everybody already know about The Legend of Maula Jatt and they have been waiting for it for years. She also said that they have a great project on their hands and flashy promotions are thus not needed when your product is good.

Why Team Maula Jatt Is Not Promoting The Film

Listen to why team Maula Jatt is not doing aggressive promotions:


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