Zohreh Amir Shares Her Pregnancy Story


Zohreh Amir is a new addition in the industry ands he is impressing the audience. We recently saw her in Badzaat where she had a positive character. Zohreh is married to Amir Hamza and the couple is now blessed with twins. She was not shy about sharing her happy news with her fans and has shared moments of the little ones since they entered this world. Zohreh has two sons: Cye and Arsyn.

Zohreh Amir Shares Her Pregnancy Story

Zohreh and her little family came to Nida Yasir’s show as guests and shared their journey. Zohreh Amir shared that she was actually shooting for Badzaat when she found out that she was expecting. She said that she was fighting with Imran Ashraf and Ali Abbas and the director of that drama Siraj ul Haq was also noticing that she is such an easy going person so what is wrong with her. He asked her to get a checkup done to find out if everything was kay as she was also very lethargic on set.

Zohreh Amir Shares Her Pregnancy Story

That is when she went for a checkup and found out that she was expecting and not only one but two babies. Zohreh was super happy and emotional as she started crying while her mother and husband were really excited. She then shared with her director that there was good news and she is expecting.

Zohreh Amir Shares Her Pregnancy Story

This is her pregnancy story:


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