Mathira Finally Reveals Her Real Name


Mathira is a force to be reckoned with. She started her career as a teenager and she has seen many ups and downs in her career. From hosting live shows to shows on television which she did not even know were themed around to item numbers, Mathira has been an entertainer through and through and she has hustled to make ends meet for her family and her children.

Mathira Finally Reveals Her Real Name

Mathira is quite an open book and she shares her struggles and experiences with her audience openly. She has always talked about how a woman has to suffer in life and what she has been through in order to be at a position that she is at today. Mathira was a guest on Momina’s Mixed Plate and she has made some new revelations about her life.

Mathira Finally Reveals Her Real Name

Mathira revealed that her real name in documents is Tahmeena. She added that her mother’s side named her Mathira and her father’s side named her Mathira thus she has two names. She further added that these two names actually represent two very different personalities.

Mathira Finally Reveals Her Real Name

Mathira shared that as Tahmeena her personality is total opposite for what Mathira is. That is reserved for her loved ones while Mathira is who she is while working and dealing with people. For friends she is somewhat a mixture of both. This is how she explained it:


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