Simi Raheal Thinks Bad Actors Are Being Awarded


Simi Raheal is a brilliant veteran Pakistani television actress. Simi Raheal has been part of the media industry for the last three decades. Simi Raheal is a vocal actor, she always speaks about the injustices of society. She also gives her two cents on the media industry’s unjust practices. Simi Raheal does selective work and it always gets acknowledgement. Her hit dramas include Ishq E Laa, Anaa and Sabaat.

Simi Raheal Thinks Bad Actors Are Being Awarded

Recently, Simi Raheal appeared in Fuchsia Magazine’s show where she opened up on awards, she said, “There is a whole other game going on, I understand that, A lot of not very good actors are being awarded, rather really bad actors being awarded, I’m never invited in awards shows, I don’t go because I’m outspoken, they won’t call me and I won’t even go, awards are important but what’s happening isn’t my idea of award show, award is credibility of your peers and seniors who acknowledge your work. I am not negating the jury 100% but I don’t know what’s being discussed by the jury, the jury doesn’t nominate, from where the nominations are coming?”

Simi Raheal Thinks Bad Actors Are Being Awarded


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