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The Full-Time MBA program at the University of Florida has always been fortunate to provide merit scholarships to our enrolled students. These awards have varied in dollar amount but we are pleased to announce that we will now be awarding full tuition scholarships for all competitive, admitted candidates. UF MBA will continue to build upon its strong ROI by keeping the cost of attendance affordable as we prepare our graduates for successful professional roles following graduation.

As the market for full-time MBA students has grown more competitive, business schools have increased their scholarship offerings to attract top candidates. UF MBA’s new scholarship program, created with additional support from our generous donors, has allowed us to adapt to the changing market and continue our tradition of admitting top-level talent.

Our commitment to UF MBA alumni continues to be to protect and enhance the brand of the degree. These new scholarships are an investment in our students but also in our brand equity. As the candidate pool grows and increases in academic merit and professional accomplishment, the value of a UF MBA will further strengthen in the marketplace. Our mission continues to be to produce quality alumni that add value to their professional environments and make impacts in their local communities.

The full tuition scholarships will be awarded to competitive, admitted candidates for all three full-time programs. These scholarships will cover the number of credits required for the degree (32 or 48) and will only be applied towards MBA courses, those offered through the Warrington College of Business. Applications for admission serve as applications for the scholarship, so there is no additional paperwork needed. The Admissions and Scholarship Review Committee conducts a holistic review of each application, during which the most competitive candidates must demonstrate strength in areas that include but are not limited to GMAT/GRE score, cumulative undergraduate G.P.A., professional experience, recommendations, and personal and professional character.

At this time, sponsored candidates (those receiving employer funding for their MBA) as well as joint degree or concurrent degree students are not eligible for the full tuition scholarships. However, all of these candidates will STILL be considered for other merit aid during the application and scholarship review process. Competitive prospects within these areas may still receive strong scholarship packages.

Our Professional MBA programs do not offer merit based scholarships. Candidates in these programs are often maintaining employment while completing their MBA on the weekends or online. UF MBA offers direct guidance through the Federal Loan process with our own financial aid coordinators for students to secure loans and plus loans, if eligible, for the duration of their enrollment.

Who is eligible to apply?
Most Full-Time MBA Applicants, this includes applicants to our Full-Time All Majors, Full-Time Business Majors and Full-Time Two Year programs. At this time, employer sponsored candidates and joint degree/concurrent degree students are not automatically eligible; however, competitive applicants within these areas will still be considered for merit awards.

How do I apply?
Your application for admission serves as your application for scholarship, and no additional paperwork is needed. Please follow our application instructions online for further details:

Who is competitive for the scholarship?
The Admissions and Scholarship Review committee evaluates candidates holistically, and the most competitive applicants must demonstrate strength across areas that include, but are not limited to academic ability, professional experience, recommendations, and personal character.

In the past, the average profile for a competitive recipient would be a GMAT of 680 or higher, GRE of 316 or higher, GPA of 3.45, and 4 years of professional experience. These are not “cut–off” scores, however, and the committee will consider applicants who may fall below this criteria. Please contact an admissions representative today to inquire about eligibility:
With the exception of sponsored candidates and joint degree students, all admitted Full-Time MBA students will receive the full tuition scholarship award.

When is the deadline?
Priority scholarship consideration will be awarded to those who apply by the Round One Deadline of October 15. The International deadline is December 1. We review applications and render decisions on a rolling basis, which is why we encourage early application. Full Tuition Scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis as we receive competitive candidates. We will accept applications during both the Second and Third round deadlines until our awards have been exhausted. To review our application deadlines please visit:

What does the scholarship cover?
The Full Tuition scholarship covers In-State or Out-Of-State tuition and fees for the credits required in the MBA degree program. The Full-Time Business Majors scholarship will cover 32 credits whereas the Full-Time All Majors and Two Year will cover 48 credits. Please be advised the tuition scholarship will ONLY be applied towards MBA degree credits, through courses offered at the Warrington College of Business.

What does the scholarship cover?
Can the scholarship be applied towards housing or a Global Immersion Trip?
The full tuition scholarship can only be applied towards credits and tuition/fees in the MBA program and therefore cannot be used for housing or Global Trip expenses. Eligible students can secure additional funding as needed through federal loans. We encourage all domestic applicants to complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid:

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