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Praise for Anna Todd and the After series

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“Todd [is] the biggest literary phenom of her generation.”
“I was almost at the point like with Twilight that I just stop
everything and my sole focus was reading the book . . . Todd,
girl, you are a genius!!!”
—Once Upon a Twilight
“The Mr. Darcy and Lizzy Bennett of our time . . . If you
looked up ‘Bad Boy’ in the fiction dictionary, next to it would
be a picture of Hardin alongside Beautiful Bastard and Mr.
—That’s Normal
“The one thing you can count on is to expect the unexpected.”
—Vilma’s Book Blog
“Anna Todd manages to make you scream, cry, laugh, fall in
love, and sit in the fetal position . . . Whether you have read
the Wattpad version or not, After is a can’t-miss book—but get
ready to feel emotions that you weren’t sure a book could
bring out of you. And if you have read the Wattpad version,
the book is 10x better.”
“A very entertaining read chock-full of drama drama
drama . . . This book will have you from the first page.”
—A Bookish Escape
“I couldn’t put this book down! It went with me everywhere so
I could get my Hessa fix every spare moment I had. Talk about
getting hooked from page one!”
—Grown Up Fangirl

Zain Ali

Zain Ali



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