Aima Baig Reveals Marriage Plans


Aima Baig is a melodious, talented and very young Pakistani singer. The Singer has released countless hit numbers till date. Aima Baig is currently working on her upcoming album. She recently released a song ‘Mujhey Pyar Huwa Tha’ which was the cover of Kaifi Khalil’s hit number ‘Kahani Suno’.
Fans loved the song. Well, Aima Baig is currently spending her time in Pakistan. She is also giving various interviews as well.

Aima Baig Reveals Marriage Plans

Aima Baig Reveals Marriage Plans

Recently, Aima Baig gave an interview to Urdu Point in which she revealed her marriage plans. The host asked, “What kind of person would you Marry, would it be a business man, a police man, a showbiz person or an army officer? . “Who so ever it is he, he should be a human’s kid ( insan ka bacha ho), he should be a companion, I have zero expectations, now, I have no expectations, I don’t need a man in my life, if anyone come it would be a bonus otherwise I don’t need man, but even if someone comes he should be good, currently I am married to my music”. Here is the link:

Aima Baig Reveals Marriage Plans


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