Alamgir singer undergoes Kidney transplant.

Alamgir singer undergoes kidney transplant 2

Alamgir is a famous Pakistani pop singer of the 1970s. Who is in fact one of the pioneers of the Urdu pop music in Pakistan.

He started singing on the Pakistani Television at the beginning of the 1970’s. When the people in Pakistan were not familiar with the modern Urdu music. And when western music was generally consider as modern music in Pakistan. Alamgir’s first song Albela Rahi was an Urdu translation of a foreign language song. It proved a hit in 1973 among the youth of the 70’s. Alamgir has given his fans countless hits in the years: ‘Dekha Na Tha’, ‘Albela Rahi’,’Keh Dena’ and ‘Yeh Shaam Aur Tera Naam’ are just a few.

Alamgir singer undergoes kidney transplant 3

Alamgir made a dash on the Pakistani music scene. He sang for the Pakistani television in the very beginning of his career but later as the time passed he started singing for the Pakistani music industry. He also performs abroad. Alamgir always keeps physically fit and is currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He is respected by the music lovers everywhere. And still performs in live concerts in America.

Alamgir singer undergoes kidney transplant 4

He has been in the news lately because of his deteriorating health. Therefore he ask his fans to send him prayers. The pop-star opt to use Facebook to reach out from the US, where he lives and is being treated these days. He had battling deteriorating health for a few years and was diagnose with double kidney failure in 2004. He wrote “Both my kidneys enlarge so much that there is no space to put the 3rd kidney in (normally in a kidney transplant a 3rd kidney is plant without taking any of the non-working kidneys out) but in my case they will have to take my kidneys out as the first step. This itself is a major surgery”.

Alamgir singer undergoes kidney transplant 1

Back in October 2011, Alamgir had revealed that he was on a three-year waiting list for a kidney transplant. He was diagnose with renal failure in 2004. And has been undergoing treatment ever since. However, that three-year duration extended to seven years now in 2020.

Alamgir singer undergoes kidney transplant 7

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