Dwayne Jhonson Spends some Time with His Grandparents Headstone

Hollywood superstar and famed wrestler Dwayne Jhonson, along with his mother, visited the graves of grandparents and conveyed an emotional message.

Dwayne Jhonson posted the video on Instagram and wrote that he came here with his mother many years later. We sat here and cried, sitting here remembering the past and talking about it.

Dwayne Jhonson

Dwayne Johnson added: “We remember the elders who left our world and I was very happy to be here with my mother because life is very busy and fast moving and such moments do not come often.

Maivia was a Samoan-American professional wrestler who died of cancer in 1982 before being inducted posthumously into the WWE Hall of Fame by his grandson.

Dwayne Jhonson

Dwayne Jhonson write in this post: “

I’ll cherish this one with my mama @atajohnson at her parents grave

It’s been years since we’ve been able to come here together to visit my grandparents grave in Hawai’i.
We sit, we talk, we reminisce, we cry, we laugh, we feel their mana, we talk to their spirits, we laugh some more, then we sing to them….

we sing some of their favorite songs…

…and we try to get thru it without getting emo

then eventually, I forget the words and I start singing in keys so bad they’re gonna wake the dead

Thankfully, my moms harmonizing skills brings me back on track and we finish the medley on point

We really miss them and my heart is so full of gratitude to be able to have this moment with my mom and my grandparents because life is busy and life moves fast – and these moments don’t come often enough.

I know you guys know what I’m saying and feel the same way.

This was so good, for our souls.

When we were leaving my mom said to me, “I wish they knew how happy I am….”

I think they know, ma.

“The ukulele has ended, but your melody lingers on.
As life is not forever, love is”
~ Ata Johnson”


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