Fahad Mustafa donated 2 Mililion to hindu Kids

In the transmission of Shan-e-Ramazan, father and child belonging with the Hindu Comunity. The youngster was a thalassemia patient. His dad was a veterinary specialist by calling and he required cash for the treatment of his child. In any case, he was unable to gather the cash since individuals were not prepared to help a non-muslim.

shan e ramazan

On the live show, Fahad Mustafa was also taken on call and he donated 2 Million for the bone marrow transplant of the child. He said that he is doing this because he also wants other people to do the same and they might get motivation looking at him.

Fahad Mustafa

“I would give 20 lacs to them for treatment. This is because I want other people to show some concern and come forward”

Fahad Mustafa

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