Falak Shabir reveals what number of helpers Sarah Khan has employed for daughter Alyana

Singer Falak Shabir has revealed that he and spouse Sarah Khan has employed a number of helpers for daughter Alyana’s child sitting. Throughout a ‘Query and Reply’ session on Instagram a netizen requested Falak that “Kia Sarah child ka sara kam khud krti hein?”

Whereas answering the query the Roag crooner revealed that Sarah has employed three helpers for her help and Alyana additionally has two maternal aunts who care for her.

Earlier, Falak carried out an Instagram ‘query and solutions’ session through which he revealed that how his life has advanced after the delivery of their baby.

Through the Q/A session an Instagram person requested Falak that what number of children would you like? To which Falak replied, “Bachay 2 he achay, Balkay Allah ki Marzi.” The couple welcomed their first child on October 8.

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Zain Ali

Zain Ali



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