Fatima Effendi Talks About Her Character in Betiyaan


Fatima Effendi is a gorgeous Pakistani actress. Her acting is loved by fans. Fatima Effendi’s soap serials are loved by fans. Her recent drama Munafiq was loved by fans. Currently, her drama Betiyaan is airing on ARY Digital. The drama daily airs at 7:00 PM.

Fatima Effendi Talks About Her Character in Betiyaan

Well, in a recent interview she talked about her character Fiza in drama serial Betiyaan. Talking about her character she said, “I don’t agree that drama is a typical story about the wedding of sisters but it’s addressing many questions, my character isn’t typical because Fiza took stand when she realized her husband is using her for property, besides this, we tried to keep it different, the bond of father and daughters is very good, people are enjoying small beautiful moments”.

Fatima Effendi Talks About Her Character in Betiyaan

Fatima Effendi Talks About Her Character in Betiyaan

Talking further about her character, she said, “I don’t agree that my character is one track, if that would have been the case I would have not been getting this much good response. If I’m doing right in the drama then there are characters in the drama who are doing wrong and a story is always a mixture of good and bad, we improvised a lot of trivial situations in the drama , we built up some scenes about tea & coffee. Drama is different from reality, you should not take messages from dramas and apply as it is, in real life, you should have a sense of things. Likewise, films are also over the top, Fiza took a stand for herself, she tried to part ways when found her husband on the wrong side. People have started calling me Fiza and they are liking my character, we are getting daily edits from fans. I’m getting an amazing response on social media”, here is the complete video:


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