Future Of WordPress in 2022

2022 is not easy for Developers because of competition. There are so many developers who will start learning wordpress most of the clients (30%) know how to work on wordpress that is why they don’t need a developer for their website.

In 2022, almost every brand, shop and business have their website and they are working online because in physical shop you can only sell in your city but if you start sell your product online then its very easy for sell around all the country for small business mans and also great opportunity for the main business man to sell their product all over the world.

As everyone knows, the ratio of freelancers increases day by day. So the most important thing is to learn new skills. Nowadays people want their website for appointment or booking purposes.

Top Skill for wordpress Freelancing

  1. Appointment website 
  2. Booking website 
  3. Car renting website 
  4. Woo commerce Website 
  5. Listing Website 
  6. Survey website 
  7. Property Website 
  8. Photography Website 
  9. Dynamic Website 
  10. Blogging
Zain Ali

Zain Ali



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