Good News about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is facing the huge downfall its almost touch the lowest price of 2021 around 20 thousand dollars but right now 25 of June it but again regain its strength so the new price is around 35 thousand dollar But its will might face the downfall again because of the market crash. At this point no one knows why people selling bitcoin. Bitcoin almost face 1100 billion dollars loss. But Some Good news about Bitcoin

Elon musk is again thinking about getting payments in bitcoin but when bitcoin regains its strength that’s why this time bitcoin might be bitcoin cross 40 thousand dollars.

Indian singer raftar is announced that he is going to receive payment is bitcoin.His 1st Scheduled in 2nd week of july.

Almost 11 banks are going to use the block chain. Banks including SBI, Axis, ICICI have formed a company called Blockchain infrastructure company Pvt. LTD 

AFter elon Musk tweeted the ethereum is going to touch 2600k Dollars and most of the investors are looking forward to the release of the Proof of Stake algorithm (pos).

Micheal Burry is the most famed inventor he hints about the mother of all crashes it means the crash might be more than a country size.

In the coming month Goldman Sachs-ETH will offer Option And Future trading in Ethereum. Consider it like a traditional Stock market.

Panic Selling is increased when the big investor Mark Cuban sold their stake to crash almost 100% in a single day.

Zain Ali

Zain Ali



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