Govt workers forbidden to make use of social media platforms

In an obvious bid to forestall the leak of official data and paperwork, the federal government has barred all authorities workers from utilizing social media platforms, reviews Kalbe Ali for Dawn.

A notification issued by the Institution Division on August 25 says no authorities servant can take part in any media platform with out the permission of the federal government.

The notification gave detailed directions to authorities workers below Authorities Servants (Conduct) Guidelines, 1964, governing the participation of presidency servants in several media boards together with social media platforms for compliance.

Screenshot of the notification obtainable to The Present

“Rule 18 of the Guidelines bars a authorities servant from sharing official data or doc with a authorities servant or a personal particular person or press,” the notification added.

“Referring to Rule 22 of the Servant Guidelines, the Institution Division says that it restrains a authorities servant from making any assertion of reality or opinion which is able to embarrassing the federal government in any doc printed or in any communication made to the press or in any public utterance or tv programme or radio broadcast delivered by her or him,” learn the notification.

The notification warned all authorities servants that violation of a number of of those directions can be tantamount to misconduct and result in disciplinary motion in opposition to the delinquent authorities servant below Civil Servants (Effectivity and Self-discipline) Guidelines, 2020. In addition to, it mentioned, disciplinary proceedings would even be held in opposition to the serving authorities servants in case they had been directors of a social media group the place any violation had been dedicated.

“They (authorities workers), whereas utilizing totally different social media platforms together with Fb, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microblogging, and many others, to air their views on a bunch of topics and generally take pleasure in actions or behaviour that doesn’t conform to the required requirements of official conduct, as envisaged within the Guidelines,” the notification added.

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