How Mohsin Gillani’s Life Changed After Biggest Tragedy

Mohsin Gillani is a great veteran of Pakistani drama industry. He started out from Radio Pakistan and went on to write scripts of dramas for radio and then went on to do the same for theatre. He was working in theatre when Abid Ali asked him to come to Lahore and tart working in dramas on television. He has been in the industry since and we are used to seeing him on our screens.

How Mohsin Gillani's Life Changed After Biggest Tragedy

Mohsin who is also a very happy and knowledgeable person whenever we see him in interviews shared a big tragedy which he went through. He lost his daughter who was expecting during the delivery. The family which was waiting to welcome happiness in the family had to see the biggest tragedy of their lives.

How Mohsin Gillani's Life Changed After Biggest Tragedy

While on G Sarkar, Mohsin Gillani shared how his life has changed since the tragedy. He said that he shifted from Karachi back to Lahore and feels very isolated now. He also added that his family has helped him save all the voice notes of his late daughter and he has moved forward but a father is still a father.

How Mohsin Gillani's Life Changed After Biggest Tragedy

Listen to Mohsin Gillani how losing his daughter has changed his life:

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