Mawra Hocane reacts to Aiman Khan remarks

Mawra Hocane and Aiman Khan as of late turned into the most discussed big names when Aiman Khan encouraged Mawra to put on some weight as she is excessively thin. Aiman Khan’s comments have begun another discussion and individuals are blaming her for body disgracing Mawra.

Mawra Hocane

In an Instagram story, Aiman Khan asked the people to stop this conservancy.

Aiman Khan Instagram story

Mawra Hocane on the other hand also took Instagram to cool down her fans.

Mawra Hussain Instagram story

She wrote: “I DO NOT appreciate anyone throwing the other person under the bus in the garb of supporting me”.

Mawra Hocane 2

Mawra Hocane also wrote that as a human anyone can make a mistake and they might not completely apprehend the meaning of what they are saying.

Mawra hussain

“We must know how far we must go and not vilify the other person involved in the process. We are all humans and utter words we don’t entirely understand or mean! Let’s be kind.. let’s give each other space for improvement & not to do the same or worse by spewing hate, Please be kind!!!”

Mawra hussain

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