Mehar Bano in assist of homosexuality

Pakistan showbiz industry actress Mehar Bano who as of late became well known through a web series ‘Churails’. She was caught giving an extremely disputable articulation during 2021’s Aurat March.

On asking about her reviews on homosexuality, Bano remarked, “I don’t consider homosexuality a shame or a wrong-doing.”

Mehar Bano

Aurat March is a yearly demonstrated event. Where all the protestors assemble and serenade for women strengthening and opportunity. Many individuals from varying backgrounds assemble at one spot to bring issues to light about the opportunity of women. Not all individuals concur with this assessment of Aurat March on account of its conflict with society.

Mehar Bano

Churails famed Actress Mehar Bano quite clearly announced that she has joined the “Aurat March”. To support “Homosexuality.” Many young boys also supported “Homosexuality” in March.

Mehar Bano

The actress said, ” Two men can be partners and I don’t mind Gays living together and having a relationship ” .

Mehar Bano

She even expressed that this is not bad for the era or our society.

Mehar Bano

She further communicated that ‘as she would like to think sexism is awful, viciousness on ladies is awful. Yet two men becoming hopelessly enamoured isn’t terrible.’

Mehar Bano

The topic of homosexuality is itself a very sensitive topic and whether it should be legalised or not is a secondary decision.

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