Mehwish Hayat speak about Ertugrul Ghazi

The Pakistan Showbiz Star Mehwish Hayat joined the latest show “Ghabrana Mana Hai” with “Vasay Chaudhry” and talks about the drama series Ertugrul Ghazi.

Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat Talking about the drama series Ertugrul Ghazi. She says that “I have watched Ertugrul Ghazi’s first series and I like it. But I didn’t understand why many of the people were so upset about these series getting famous or being highly praised in Pakistan.”

Mehwish Hayat

“In the event that something is educational and getting popular. It discloses to us that what kind of content our audience needs to watch and what kind of content we ought to make for our audience”. Mehwish also says that.

Mehwish hayat

She further says that “Our nation ought to make such content all alone instead of getting shaky from others. A large number of our actors can depict such characters”.

Mehwish hayat

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