Srha Ashghar Opened Up About Facing Fat Shaming

Srha Asghar is a pretty new addition in Pakistani drama industry, she is a brilliant actress as well. Srha is best known for her dramas Pyar Ke Sadqay, Aakhir Kab Tak and Bebaak. Her drama Bebak gained a lot of public praise. Srha Asghar has also worked in Ek Jhooti Love Story. Srha Ashghar is happily married to Umer Murtaza.

Srha Ashghar Opened Up About Facing Fat Shaming

Srha Ashghar was a chubby girl in her teenage, she lost her weight through her amazing and hard core workout and achieved a remarkable transformation.

Srha Ashghar Opened Up About Facing Fat Shaming

Recently, Srha Ashghar has talked about the time when she was fat and she faced body shamming. Srha, while talking about her upcoming character in series ‘Oye Moti’ said, “When I was fat people used to do body shamming and I had faced it. I remember, during the time of Orkut, I posted my picture and a girl pointed an arrow towards my fat and my belly and it hit me so hard at that time, I thought about it for seven years, it kept with me, well, we should accept people the way they are, why can’t we accept them with their shortcomings, we should think about ourselves. Problems are everywhere one should accept them and embrace them and talk about them.”. Have a look at the video.

What do you think about Srha’s experience of facing body shaming? Do let us know!
Srha Ashghar Opened Up About Facing Fat Shaming

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