Kids Sports on childhood obesity

The American Academy of Pediatrics published guidelines for keeping kids safe if they engage in sports, these days. It is mostly common sense that shouldn’t even need to be verbalized. Of course, wrestling is risky. The combatants exchange bodily fluids and exhale in one another’s faces. And sports with shared equipment, from dodgeball to basketball, […]

Pet Obesity and a Certain Amount of Weirdness

When humans raise children a lot of factors enter the equation. Raising a pet is kind of a stripped-down version of child-rearing, with fewer complications, and more potential for the parent to control the situation. This may be why irregularities and aberrations are more obvious in pet-parents. When a human lives alone in an apartment […]

Kid, Pets, and Withdrawal for obesity

It is still National Pet Obesity Awareness Month, and we have been talking about what happens when a pet-parent institutes a program designed to halt the companion animal’s addiction to overeating. All the details are present in “Similarities between obesity in pets and children: the addiction model,” co-authored by Dr. Robert A. Pretlow and Dr. […]

More About How to Help Kids and Pets

When babies and pets are allowed to develop an expectation that every bite of every food will always be delicious within certain narrow parameters (i.e., sugary, for babies), they start off on the wrong foot. Unfortunately, parents often don’t realize that the liquid nutritional supplements they are guilt-tripped into buying are just a sludge of […]

How to Help Kids and Pets for weightloss

A while back, we described the first two steps of W8Loss2Go as it pertains to both children and pets. We are still in Pet Obesity Awareness Month, so more discussion follows. The program begins with identifying the specific problem food or foods, and withdrawing from them one by one. Then, between-meal eating is eliminated. Ideally, […]

Halloween Excess vs. COVID-19

The pandemic might have one good effect, namely, reducing the amount of candy eaten around Halloween. This could reduce the amount of ultimate damage to America’s young. And old. If you think Grandma never sneaked a chocolate bar out of somebody’s trick-or-treat stash, think again. Anyway, the elimination of at least some of the usual […]

Best Diet on dieting ?

As we have seen, the word “diet” is in itself a neutral term that simply means what a person or animal eats. From the Mid America Heart Institute, cardiologist James O’Keefe states, We’ve realized that diet is arguably the most important predictor of long-term health and well-being. The corollary to that is, most major health […]

Food and Diets for Childhood Obesity

Instead of “dieting” based on reducing calorie intake, nutritionist and nutrition science writer Maria Cross MSc, makes this recommendation: The long-term solution is easier, more effective and evidence based. It involves these three principles: 1. When you cut out unnecessary carbohydrates, you burn body fat 2. When you eat fat, you burn fat. 3. When […]

Calories and Junk Food of Childhood Obesity

The subjects of the last few posts overlap in complicated and interesting ways. The energy balance idea, for instance, seems like it should be so straightforward. It’s science, right? By feeding in the exact right number of calories, and expending the exact right amount of energy, the body can be reduced; enlarged; or maintained at […]

When Is a Calorie Not a Calorie?

The energy balance paradigm assumes that caloric intake and output can be accurately, consistently measured, and that “eat less move more” is the answer to everything. If actual experience stubbornly belies the ability of this formula to cover every case, it might be assumed that something is wrong with how intake and/or output are being […]