Top Skill for WordPress Freelancing 2022

Appointment website 

This website is mostly used for doctor barber and detailing purposes.

So the customer can easily fill the form and get the online appointment so he can’t have a call for an appointment. These days people want this kind of website on fiverr and upwork.

This website is easily create by crocoblock 

Booking website

This website is mostly used for booking hotel rooms and trips. With this kind of website you can easily book a room and any kind of services. With this you can know online whether they have the available room or not.

The Demand of this website is really high on fiverr and upwork.

This website is easily create by crocoblock

Car renting website 

As you can sell with the name its a car renting website usually this kind website is highly demanding by united kingdom because in uk there is lot of work of hiring car.

This website is also built in croco block

Woocommerce Website 

In these day everyone want their business online so their choice is woocommerce because it’s easy to create and also easy to rank on google so the you have to learn the swatches product website and variable products because no one want their simple website in high price so they will not pay you high amount for simple and easy website 

On fiverr and upwork it’s not easy to get projects but it’s really easy to get projects from marketing by facebook and instagram.

Listing Website 

Listing mean the website which is used for customer to sell their thing on your website 

In past years it’s not easy to create these website but know its not difficult by crocoblock 

You don’t need any coding or programing for creating this website

This kind of website are really expensive 

You can easily get project on upwork and fiverr 

Survey website 

These websites are used for community surveys for different purposes. Some of the medical Companies use this website to get the leads and also digital marketing companies use this website for Email marketing .

Not in demand but getting a project is not difficult 

Property Website 

This website is used to get the home for rent and buying. if you learn how to create this you will going to get the huge amount of project because it’s a new thing on wordpress

Low Amount of Customers but they are willing to pay a high amount of money.

Photography Website 

Photography is high these days. It seems necessary on asian countries like India and Pakistan to call it a pre wedding ceremony.

You can call it a portfolio website and gallery website.

Not on high Demand but if you search for the project then you can earn a high amount.

Dynamic Website 

These website are really expensive and customer also want the services so if you have the 5 to 10 website services project then its like now you have enough work for year so also hunt this kind of Projects

Highly on demand and also expensive projects.

Easily create these websites by Crocoblock.


With time everyone is busy so people don’t have much time for reading but in countries like the USA they prefer reading at the time of traveling so the blogging is best if you hit the niches of these countries but it’s a long term work so you must have patience’s. Highly demanded websites also 50% websites of WordPress are blogging websites even WordPress is created for the blogging.

Zain Ali

Zain Ali



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