Trading on binance is save

Trading on binance is save

Binance is used for crypto trading and really a safe place for investing money on crypto trading. Binance was founded by Changpeng Zhao in 2017 at that time it’s a small platform but now they have their own coin BNB. The Latest Price of BNB is 350 dollars. 

Binance has their own chart for every coin so it’s easy to understand the situation of the coin. 

Now in 2021 binance is almost the world’s largest platform for trading. 

So binance is really a safe place for trading

Binance in pakistan

In pakistan crypto trading is not legal so the binance is the only safe platform for pakistani traders and it’s not difficult to trade simply invest money through your bank account and buy USDT and with that start trading on USTD.

How to Trade on binance

Trading on binance is really simple. 1st you have to buy the USDT. then simply buy any coin with USDT and sell your coin With the exchange of USDT

What is USDT

USDT is the coin which is used for trading with your money. You can buy only USDT in Pakistan and withdraw your money with only USDT. The price of USDT is always the same as the dollar. Consider it as a simple dollar.

Zain Ali

Zain Ali



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