VIDEO: ‘Simply depart the home,’ Malala warns Asser if he shaves his beard

A video of Nobel laureate and ladies’s schooling rights activist Malala Yousafzai and her husband Asser Malik taking a New Yr problem to determine their resolutions for the subsequent 12 months has been doing rounds on social media.

Within the video, the couple may be seen sharing three resolutions every, however with a twist: the ultimate resolution on whether or not or not the decision should be adopted relied on the glass which was stored throughout the desk.

The couple sat armed with a couple of pens every and shared their resolutions one after the other after which they threw a pen in direction of the glass. If the pen fell contained in the glass, it meant adopting the decision, in any other case not.

Among the many three resolutions that Malala shared, one was that she ought to begin going to the fitness center. The Nobel prize winner was relieved when the pen fell outdoors the glass.

For her second decision she requested whether or not her husband Asser Malik ought to shave his beard. Malala then herself threw the pen sideways saying: “You possibly can’t, this isn’t allowed.”

“When you shave your beard simply depart the home,” she mentioned.

On the opposite facet, Asser’s first decision was whether or not the couple can buy a Play Station or not. A lot to Malala’s reduction and Asser’s disappointment, the pen fell outdoors the glass as soon as extra.

Malala held her breath for Asser’s second decision which requested whether or not she ought to observe “no-shopping January”. Happily, Malala’s buying ardour didn’t take a success with the pen once more falling outdoors the glass.

The couple then requested whether or not they need to “unfollow” American comic Hasan Minaj on Instagram. They threw their pens in one after the other however none of them dropped contained in the glass.

The final main decision the place Malala stood up, reached over and dropped the pen herself within the glass was about donating to the Malala Fund, a global non-profit organisation that advocates for women’ schooling.

“Ought to individuals watching this video, together with Hasan Minaj, assist ladies’ schooling by donating funds to Malala Fund?” she requested, after which dropped the pen within the glass herself.

To conclude, the duo high-fived one another and ended the video.

Take a look:

Yousafzai and Malik tied the knot on November 9 in an intimate Nikkah ceremony at her home in Birmingham.

The 2 have change into one of many most-watched {couples} on the web since they tied the knot.

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