What is Crocoblock and what is the usage of Crocoblock

Crocoblock is the new plugin and one of the most powerful plugins of wordpress.

With this plugin you can easily build dynamic website for selling renting and booking and any kind of website 

Features of crocoblock

Crocoblock have their different plugins like Jetblock, jet elements and jettabs etc.

With these plugins you can easily design the website like professional ones so you don’t have to code any thing 

This plugin is mostly used for dynamic Websites.

Pricing of crocoblock

1 Website the price is 130 dollars 

Unlimited Website the price is 256 dollars (year)

unlimited Website the price is 750 dollars (lifetime)

Main Features of crocoblock

  • Appointment website
  • Booking website 
  • Designing the product page 
  • Designing the checkout page 
  • Listing website like (renting booking)
  • Dynamic website
Zain Ali

Zain Ali



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